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Technical Services

KNS Canada  exclusively guarantees after-sales service on all of its products. The device, under warranty or without warranty*, are managed by our engineers/technicians specializing in diagnostics and repair.


Our team

Because we are the distributor, our  team of engineers and technicians are  qualified and have an excellent knowledge of the products. They provide fast and high-quality assistance.


Services and calibration

Calibration of the probe is the only requirement for the FibroScan®. It must be performed every twelve months to ensure proper use of the machine. This operation can be managed by KNS Canada  under a service contract or on an estimate. Regular calibration ensures that your instrument satisfies the specifications of use.

For additional information, contact our after-sales service team at


Preventive Maintenance/Service Contract offer


This contract includes:

a)     Annual Preventive Check Up and Maintenance Service performed as recommended by the manufacturer
b)    Data Back Up and Cleanup of  Hard Drive for optimum performance of the system and update the  new software version released by the manufacturer while carrying out the Annual Check Up and Maintenance
c)     Two annual  calibrations for 2G probes and one annual calibration for 3G probe per FibroScan using calibration equipment as specified by the manufacturer (at KNS Facility)
d)     A troubleshooting response time of 3 business days for diagnostics and 10  business days for repairs
e)     Unlimited replacement of defective spare parts
f)      Customers covered under contract will be given priority in service scheduling
g)     Upper & lower front/back panels, wheels, tablet and whole mechanical chassis and  Probe replacement  not covered under contract
h)    Unlimited Probe memory re-programming


KNS Canada Service Contact:

*By phone 1-800-233-1008
*cell 1-647-892-1415