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M+ probe

The standard probe used for adults. (M+ is the third generation version of the M probe.)


A new ergonomy for an optimal performance.



The Fibroscan® M probe*, with optimised ergonomics, makes it possible to take a reliable measurement with easy handling.
It is made up of a single-element ultrasound transducer fixed to the axis of the electro-dynamic transducer. The latter generates a transitory vibration which creates an elastic wave of shear. This wave propagates through the skin, the sub-cutaneous tissues, and then the liver. During propagation of the shear wave, the ultrasound transducer carries out a series of echographic acquisitions (emission/reception) in order to measure the propagation velocity of the shear wave. Liver elasticity is calculated from the value of the propagation velocity of this shear wave.



The recommendations for use of the and M probe are defined from the morphological data of the patient, in particular the size of his thoracic perimeter (TP). A examination therefore available, corresponding to the depths of specific measurements which take account of the depth of the liver under the skin and of the thoracic perimeter.

probe Examination Frequency depth of measurements thoracic perimeter**
M M 3.5 MHz From 25 mm to 65 mm > 75 cm

(**) at the xyphoid process
1 inch = 2,54 cm

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*To enhance your productivity, the Echosens Service Centre or your local distributor will support you with calibration, repairs, parts and maintenance services. FibroScan® 502 probes need to be calibrated every six months to maintain performance.