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BAVENO Guidelines

  admin1   |     October 9th, 2015   |    

The BAVENO group (supported by the EASL) is a panel of international clinicians experts in the field of liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension and related complications. BAVENO meetings started in 1986 (BAVENO I), with the sixth meeting (BAVENO VI) held this year.

BAVENO has provided updated guidelines highlighting the usefulness of VCTE (the only noninvasive technology listed in the guideline) to better characterize patients with chronic advanced liver disease, but also to better screen patients at risk of developing further clinical outcomes, in order to initiate close follow up.

Please find the summary of the “BAVENO VI” guidelines, as well as the original document itself.

EASL Baveno Consensus Workshop

EASL Baveno Consesus Workshop – summary

For more information on the same clinical topic, please watch the dedicated webinar recorded with experts in this field (Professor Pinzani and Doctor Berzigotti). It is available on the Echosens TV channel: