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Network Connection

  admin   |     April 22nd, 2015   |    

Help to get FS 502T connected to the LANYou can now connect your FibroScan device to the hospital’s LAN Network.

Follow this process on your FibroScan device first:
- Go into the settings mode
- In the “Connect” tab: disable the connectivity output for now
- In the “Network” tab: set the IP Address. Mask and use any IP address for gateway.
- Save the configuration.
- Go back into the main screen
- Switch the appliance off and then on for a complete reboot.

Check that the IP settings are correct by doing a ping of the FibroScan from the computer.

Next, set the computer connection from the FibroScan device:
- Go in the settings
- In the “Connect” tab: activate the connectivity output
- Fill the fields as follows:
o Target location: \ \ < PC IP address > \ < sharing name >
o Account: < PC IP address > \
o Password

About the “Test Network Access” icon:
- This only checks the existence of the shared path.
- It doesn’t check the login/password, nor the accessibility of the directory for read/write.
- That means that if an error occurs during this test, it’s because FibroScan cannot reach the path indicated in the target location.

If FibroScan cannot reach the path indicated in the Target Location:
- Try to create a new shared folder on the computer, in a new directory, using the basic method of Windows 7:
o Right click on the directory, “Share with”, “specific persons”
o Select the user with “read/write” authorizations.
- Also check that there is no firewall that could block a Netbios access from the FibroScan IP address.

You must test the connection. Do a FibroScan exam, and check if the file is sent to the computer directory. This is important because it’s the only test that brings information about possible read/write failures on the shared location. If it doesn’t work, the error message will be displayed in the FibroScan log, in the “log file” tab.

If the test is positive:
- Save the configuration and try a FibroScan exam.
- The file should be sent immediately to the shared path.

If the test is negative:
- SAVE the configuration anyway (the system should allow you to do so)
- Then reboot the FibroScan before trying a FibroScan exam.

How to get FS 502T connected to the LAN