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  admin   |     November 20th, 2018   |    

NEW: FIBROVIEW SOFTWARE Available for ALL FibroScan Users!

FibroView is a software dedicated to the presentation of FibroScan Exams and building medical reports.

Designed to run on Windows and MAC OS, FibroView Report brings the following features:

  • Automatic import of exams made available from the network connected to FibroScan
  • Multiple user profiles
  • User-friendly presentation and search tools in the collection of available exams
    • Display in list or vignettes with immediate access to main information
    • Search and filtering tools
    • Easy to manage files state and reports workflow
    • Reports historic for access to previous versions
  • PDF Report creation tool including:
    • Step by step Wizard to edit patient and exam data and to write exam findings
    • Report building based on customizable templates
    • Customizable guide for exam interpretation displaying helpful memos depending on selected patient underlying disease
    • Full text editor
  • Customizable printing profiles including:
    • Logos/headers and paper backgrounds management
    • Possibility of using corporate letter models
  • Collaborative work
    • Possible reports sharing between different users
    • Automatic update of modifications and report historic for all users