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Move to New Address

Effective October 1st, 2019, we have moved to a new address located at 1151 Denison Street, Suite # 15, Markham, ON L3R 3Y4. Our new phone number is 905-477-7979 and our new fax number is 905-477-0630.

Coming Soon: Fibroscan 630 Expert

The latest Fibroscan, the 630 Expert is coming soon. The new device offers all of the same diagnostic features of the previous models with many valuable enhancements.

The new device can take both stiffness and CAP measurements at the same time, making it more time efficient.

It is also the first model to offer a spleen stiffness module, allowing further measurement of cirrhosis.

It does this while increasing its ease of use with its interface and smart tools for easy examination.

More information will be made available as we approach release.


NEW: FIBROVIEW SOFTWARE Available for ALL FibroScan Users!

FibroView is a software dedicated to the presentation of FibroScan Exams and building medical reports.

Designed to run on Windows and MAC OS, FibroView Report brings the following features:

  • Automatic import of exams made available from the network connected to FibroScan
  • Multiple user profiles
  • User-friendly presentation and search tools in the collection of available exams
    • Display in list or vignettes with immediate access to main information
    • Search and filtering tools
    • Easy to manage files state and reports workflow
    • Reports historic for access to previous versions
  • PDF Report creation tool including:
    • Step by step Wizard to edit patient and exam data and to write exam findings
    • Report building based on customizable templates
    • Customizable guide for exam interpretation displaying helpful memos depending on selected patient underlying disease
    • Full text editor
  • Customizable printing profiles including:
    • Logos/headers and paper backgrounds management
    • Possibility of using corporate letter models
  • Collaborative work
    • Possible reports sharing between different users
    • Automatic update of modifications and report historic for all users

FibroMeter Bloodmarker

FibroMeter is a range of blood tests for evaluating the stage of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. Each FibroMeter test has been specifically designed for the main specific etiologies, using determined sets of markers.

The FibroMeter range covers the 3 main causes of liver diseases

  • Viral hepatitis (Virus)
  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
  • Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD)

FibroMeter Virus

What is the Fibrometer VIRUS?
The Virus FibroMeter® (FibroMeter® V) assesses the stage of liver fibrosis. It has been specifically designed for patients with chronic viral infection, as well as for patients with coinfection.



FibroMeter NAFLD

What is a FibroMeter NAFLD?
A FibroMeter® NAFLD evaluates the state of liver fibrosis in patients affected by metabolic steatopathy.


FibroMeter ALD

What is a FibroMeter ALCOHOL?
A FibroMeter® Alcohol evaluates the stage of liver fibrosis in patients affected by alcoholic liver disease.


FibroMeter VCTE

What is FibroMeter VCTE?
It assesses the stage of liver fibrosis in patients with chronic viral hepatitis (B, C) with or without HIV coinfection, and patients with metabolic steatosis.


How to use FibroMeter

4 steps protocol


Watch Echosens’ Blood Markers Video.
For more information, visit


FibroMeter Studies

1) Improved fibrosis staging by elastometry and blood test in chronic hepatitis C

2) The combination of a blood test and FibroScan improves the non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis

3) Comparison of Eight Diagnostic Algorithms for Liver Fibrosis in Hepatitis C: New Algorithms Are More Precise and Entirely Noninvasive

4) A New Combination of Blood Test and FibroScan for Accurate Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Liver Fibrosis Stages in Chronic Hepatitis C

5) Diagnostic usefulness of FibroMeter VCTE for hepatic fibrosis in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

6) AASLD: “When and in whom to initiate HCV Therapy”



Fibroscan 430 Mini

The latest Fibroscan 430 Mini is now available in Canada. The new device offers all of the same diagnostic features of the previous models with many valuable enhancements.

The Fibroscan 430 mini is very portable weighing only 8 kg. It comes with a colour 12” touch screen and 2 probe connectors, allowing both probes to be connected simultaneously. The FS 430 Mini is compatible with all three probes and CAP.

The Compact 430 Mini has advanced DiComm connectivity, USB printer compatibility and much larger data storage of 256 GB.

The integrated battery provides battery back-up for up to one and half hours allowing lightweight portability with an optional roll stand for even greater versatility.

For more information please contact us to arrange a demonstration at your centre.



XL Probe Available for Portable FibroScan

The FibroScan portable device is now capable of diagnosing fibrosis with an XL probe in addition to the M probe. Until now, the portable device could only be used for medium-sized patients. This 8 kg device is the ideal FibroScan model for users who have to carry the device across different locations. We have just received the revised license from Health Canada to include the adjunction of the XL probe on the 402.