KNS Canada Inc.

Because Life Matters

KNS Canada Inc. - Because Life Matters



With utmost care and safety of our staff as well as any visitor e.g. courier/freight forwarders, we  are continuing to offer services and support to out customers especially for FibroScan Probe Calibration, repair and maintenance of FibroScan and Probes and limited sales and support activities for FibroScan and Point of Care tests.

We  wish to thank everyone working in the front lines risking their  lives and their families. Our gratitude to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, ambulance crews, caregivers,  support workers working in the hospitals and other health care facilities caring for patients;  truck drivers, shop workers and workers in other trades making sure we all have foods on the table and deliver necessary supplies wherever they are required.

KNS Canada Inc. is a limited liability corporation formed in Ontario Canada in 2004 delivering diagnostic products and solutions to health care providers. We began our modest journey by bringing an innovative new technology for liver care in Canada and today KNS is synonyms for leading edge point of care diagnostic solutions for liver care.


Our Vision:

We aspire to be recognized as a market leader for delivering leading edge specialty care products and solutions for fast, painless and accurate diagnosis of medical conditions leading to timely, cost effective and effective treatment of patients by Health Care Providers.


Our Mission:

Recognizing the changing healthcare environment, we endeavor to take the extra steps in finding world class leading edge technologies for our health care providers and deliver them through a dedicated group of highly professional employees who continually challenge themselves to strive for excellence in customer support and service.


Our Values:

  • To act as a responsible and accountable company trusted by customers, suppliers, partners, and society:  a company fully responsible for its actions.
  • To offer a dedicated range of point of care noninvasive pain less diagnostic solutions with highest performance and quality
  • To offer personal care for our customers
  • To continuously seek new innovative products and solutions for our customers.